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WCEA Accreditation

We are excited to share with you the results of our long awaited WCEA Accreditation process.  As you know we went through the accreditation visit in October of 2020 virtually.  This visit had been delayed more than once and due to COVID we were asked to do it remotely.  After much work and waiting we are excited to share we received a six year accreditation with a three year visit to ensure we are working towards our action plans set during this process.  This is the outcome for which we were hoping, given that this was our first time going through this process.  Thank you to the CTCS Leadership team, CTCS staff, parents and students for your work, dedication, and support during this endeavor.  However, our work is not done, we will continue to move forward and the dedication that has been seen will ensure the success of CTCS into the future. 


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