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Parent Volunteer Requirements

At CTCS we partner with parents to assist in student learning and faith formation. To volunteer on campus or in a classroom, parents have three requirements to fulfill to be ready for volunteering:

1.) Complete a background check. Paperwork to complete can be found on the following link or can be picked up at the CTCS school office. Background Check Form

2.) Completion of VIRTUS training. The VIRTUS program helps to provide training to adults to keep children safe. Training is offered in the Fall of each school year or by requesting a link from the CTCS school office to complete at home.  A certificate of program completing is required to be emailed to the school office at

3.) COVID vaccination record or approved exemption by the Yakima Dioceses. Vaccination status must be shown to the school office.

Once the requirements are completed and approved, parent volunteers will be notified that they can begin volunteering. Volunteering must be coordinated with the teacher, school office, or by signing up on the link below. Please note that volunteer hours may be earned off in other ways, such as completing activities at home or by don Please call the school office if you have any questions regarding the volunteer approval process.

Tuition with Fundraising Hours per the Promissory Note at Registration:

K-8th grade families:

1.) 20 volunteer hours in addition to the following listed below (fee for not completing $35/hour)

2.)Three (3) shifts at the Elephant Ear Booth (fee for not completing $300/shift or $900 total)

3.) One (1) shift at Mardi Gras (fee for not completing $100)

4.) Sell six (6) books of 365 Raffle Tickets (fee for not completing $300)

Pre-K only families:

1.) One (1) Shift at the Elephant Ear Booth (fee for not completing $300)

2.) Sell three (3) books of 365 Raffle Tickets (fee for not completing $150)

Fundraising hours are per family and default to the grade of the oldest child registered. Additional shifts at the Elephant Ear Booth or Mardi Gras count towards a family's 20 parent hours. You may also contact the teacher for classroom help or visit the sign up link for volunteer opportunities towards your 20 parent hours. The link is also at the bottom of every school newsletter.

Volunteer Opportunities Sign Up Link

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