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Principal's Welcome

New Way of Learning, Same Dedication


Greetings, Christ the Teacher Catholic School Families!


Today is the day I’ve been looking forward to for months. I am so incredibly proud to officially begin serving as your principal at Christ the Teacher Catholic School!


While the office is “closed” through the month of July, I’ll be hard at work on campus getting ready for the upcoming school year. While there are so many exciting things planned for the future of our school, one that I’m looking forward to the most is developing a relationship with you and your family. My parents have always said, “It takes a village to raise a child.” It’s a real privilege to be a part of your village. My wife, Molly (an alumnus of Saint Paul Cathedral School and La Salle High School), our three boys, Danny (6), Connor (4), and Liam (1), and I are eager to join this school community and get to know your family.


I have also been made aware of some concerns relating to the upcoming school year. The master schedule is still a work in progress and will be officially published later this month. Father César, Christian Grieb (President of the Executive School Board), and I have met to discuss the most effective ways to address the Educational Improvement Plan established as part of the accreditation approval last summer. While there are many details (staffing, scheduling, assessments, curriculum, etc.) that will be implemented for the upcoming school year, rest assured everything we are applying was guided by the Mission of the Church and the School to better serve the students and families entrusted to our care. One such example is providing two masses weekly for students and families. This has been done to take advantage of the abundant benefits of mass AND, due to maximizing opportunities found from prior scheduling, without loss of any instructional time.


There are many more examples, too many to describe in one welcome letter. As such, I am thrilled to meet and share these details with you. While I will be on campus Monday-Friday from 8 AM-3:30 PM throughout July and August, to prevent you from making a trip to campus only to find me tied up in another meeting, I encourage you to email me to schedule a specific time to meet. I can be reached at I’ll also be happy to schedule an opportunity to meet your family one-on-one. Nonetheless, everything will be presented in August’s back-to-school gatherings and orientations.    


Catholic education is better education. In my opinion, any education should be aimed at the integral education of its students – which means not only intellectual/academic but also moral, social, emotional, physical, cultural, and spiritual formation. It is my personal mission to see to it that this is the experience of all students and families of Christ the Teacher. I am honored to serve your family.


Your Servant in Christ,


Cody Lamb



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